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Go Confidently Braless with Nipple Covers

Let’s face it: you’ve probably seen picture after picture of countless beautiful actresses gracing the Oscars or Academy Award ceremonies in their very daring and sexy gowns. You’ve also probably wondered how some of them seemingly appear braless, and yet manage to avoid dreaded nipple marks.

The answer: Nipple covers.

If you constantly flaunt your body in backless dresses or tops with deep-plunging necklines, or if you’ve always wanted to do so but never quite figured out how to pull it off, then nipple covers are for you. With these, you can go braless and never have to worry if your nipples are showing through your front!

Nipple covers come in different types. You have your reusable nipple covers and your disposable nipple covers. Reusable nipple covers can be adhesive or non-adhesive and can be used

up to 100 times (this of course depends on the manufacturer—check your product details for more information). They are usually made out of silicone and are completely washable (even the adhesive type) so that you can use them again.

Disposable nipple covers are for one-time use only. You can use them anywhere—even while you are swimming! They are hypoallergenic and usually come with a non-adhesive padded center. These are recommended for traveling.

Nippits is a popular brand that offers great nipple covers for all women. It is known to be used by celebrities, including Angelina Jolie, Julia Roberts, and Jennifer Lopez. Of course, we also have other great brands you can try, such as Bezi, Fashion Forms, and Braza. All of them do a fantastic job of keeping you sexy and nipple-mark-free!

Nipple covers come in handy whether you’re going on a day out with the ladies in your sexy plunge top or getting ready for an evening of dancing and partying in your glamorous, backless number. So go on and get a pack for yourself now!