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Women's Shapewear

Shape Up in a Snap

Getting in shape in time for a big event is easy. That is, if you have the means to pay for a $100-per session trainer, work out everyday, and order specially made diet menu for your meals - liposuction and similar treatments optional.

However if you don’t have the means, losing that last five or 10 pounds can be trying especially if the flab is located in trouble spots like your tummy, hips, and back. Hide the flab and be in your best shape ever without breaking the bank by investing in body shapers.

For women, body shapers comes in different styles to target specific trouble spots. There are also different control levels - light, moderate, firm and extra firm - to address your shaping requirements.

Stypes Of Shapers:

  • For Women - Discover shapewear for women to enhance your curves and smooth your figure so you look your best. You have a wide range of amazing products o premium quality to choose from. Prepare to have your world rocked as though you have just found the hidden gate to a magical wonderland where your eye just can’t get enough. Except it’s not your eyes only, everyone around you will begin to notice that you are smoothing out as though you just had an overhaul. It’s no wonder your favorite celebrity also orders their shaping underwear from laurensilva.com

  • For Men - These garments are becoming ever more popular among guys from all walks of life. Men who are conscious of how they look and want to look good need their body shapers and girdles and here at laurensilva.com we have it all. From undershirts and tanks to boxers and briefs- we have the top fashion brands to choose from so you look good in premium quality from the most luxurious brands on the planet. Most of all the garments are carefully designed and tested to ensure they work like a charm. You will find all the compression wear you need for your arsenal right here and for an honest price too.

  • Plus Size - We have a wide selection of plus size shaping underwear –from bodysuits and panties to slips and waist cinchers, all from the top fashion brands. Whatever you need, be it a camisole or a bra, you will be able to choose from several options and colors to suit your individual taste. You will particularly find our thigh sculpting wear truly magical and some of the most effective ways to suck and tuck that awesome body into shape. You will fall in love with your body all over again and as you walk down the street your true beauty will shine from within you. That is the power of body sculpting that could be yours today!

  • Strapless - This is the category of foundation wear ideal for any occasion that gives you the support you need for slimming your body without the excess baggage. At laurensilva.com, we continue to offer our customers the latest innovations and style from the top fashion brands. And we have an incredibly wide selection of products to choose from in this category too.

  • Maternity - Are you looking for style and great looks while you and your baby grow? These sculpturing garments will give you the support you need to keep you great shape and figure while you and your baby grow. As an expectant mother you need a product that will keep you looking good while you can actually breathe for two. Choose breathable mesh maternity wear for smooth look under form-fitting tees and dresses. Bring out the best and brightest side of your motherhood with these awesome tools to keep your best shape so you and your loved ones don’t resent this moment. Yes pregnancy can take a toll on your looks but you can worry about your face, we have got your tummy covered.

  • Thong Back - Looking to do away with visible panty lines with seamless shaping underwear? We have just the selection you need for comfortable wear that you will easily forget you are in and stop the constant fidgeting throughout your working day. Above all this, we have handpicked the most disguisable thong panties in many colors and quality fabrics so you too will get your pick today. We have high-waisted thongs with varying levels of control and all your preferred materials. Our thong back shapers are made to be invisible and speak volumes in strength and in whispers in lightness. We have tummy control thong shaping wear online with laurensilva.com for the best-trusted quality at the most affordable rates.

  • Waist Cinchers - Waist cinchers are a type of corset enhanced for better waist compression and abdominal region flattening. These give your waist the attention it deserves ensuring you get that hourglass figure within no time. These differ from waist trainers in that they do not have the steel spring boning into its channel rather they are made of leather or cloth. This product will help you carry on with your waist training in the office with comfort and convenience so you never have to pause your training even when you are on duty. Like all our compression underwear, the waist cinchers in our collection of garments are all designed with the weight loser in mind.

  • Control Slips - Get the absolute latest trends in control shaping slips with the power to make you look and feel fabulous. You can wear these to virtually any occasion as the seamlessly fit on your kind of body too and remain invisible through the dress material. You can shop for your favorite control slip styles such as half, full control and camisole slips right here on laurensilva.com.

  • Control Camisoles - As one of the most important ma’s inventions in the recent past, this revolutionary new design of shaping underwear was made to provide light, moderate and firm control. This garment will help you smooth your tummy and back all round. We have handpicked a good number of seamless camisoles for your next everyday favorite garment that you can comfortably wear to the offices or when you are on the move so you ever press your fabulous new look. The camisole is particularly coveted for its ability to control and shape where it matter the most, this way you can smooth out every bump and fall in love with each and every curve on your being.

  • Open Bottom Girdles - The open bottom masterpieces in our collection consist of exclusive designs of the bet manufacturers to achieve the highest degree of contour shaping and control. Find high waist reaching girdle reaching just below the burst to take care of your entire torso. This kind or girdle will help reshape your tummy, back, hips and the derriere. We have selected only products you can trust not to roll on your waist but rather to remain firmly in place. Save big with laurensilva.com with reduced prices on all items in this category so you can get more value for your money here than anywhere else.

  • Padded Panties - Get the most realistic padded panties to enhance your butt’s looks to the best you have ever had. Have you ever hesitated to wear a padded bra? Then why should you hesitate now while shopping for padded panties to not only help shape your body but lift and extra curve you butt? Go ahead and get yours today and be sure to select the right size. In fact those who argue that padded panties don’t look sexy just haven’t seen you in our new selection of padded underwear and buttock enhancing garments. Get silicone padded panties to avoid reaction of the material with your skin.

  • Body briefer - How would you like an import soft lined seamless cupped smooth laced breathable and highly comfortable body briefer? We have just the item for you too, all you need to do is check out our collection and choose your taste. We strongly recommend that you stick to your size for the best results while choosing products on our store. A body briefer will make you look two whole sizes smaller that you really are and with time your body will adjust to that killer figure naturally.

  • Pantie girdle - Choose from various materials, sizes and styling while shopping for the best quality pantie girdles you will find online at affordable prices. Yes you can totally take our pantie girdles for a spin under that new clingy body-hugging dress you just acquired. Get your sexy on with one of these awesome products regardless of whether you are of a fuller figure.


  • Squeem - This brand had been around for more than forty years. They have already made their name in the body shapers industry in North and South America and part of Europe. A company that has been around for that long has got to be doing something right. They are trusted because their products are suitable for different body types and many purposes. Their products are made from latex and cotton which helps in providing that extra comfort. What's more, they have body shaper solutions for both men and women!

  • Rago - Rago has over the years earned their share of reputation for lovely effective garments of high-quality fabric and design for comfort and convenience. Check out their best seller the High Waist Leg Shaper for a taste of what the brand is all about.

  • Ardyss - Ardyss is more of a lifestyle than just garments. Be sure to order one of their incredibly sexy panty girdles or men’s shapers for the best premium grade shaping wear at affordable prices only at laurensilva.com.

  • Cocoon - Cocoon shaping garments include a wide selection of figure flattering bodysuits, panties and bras that will help you restore your contours and perfect the curves on your body. We also have plus size body shapers if you are of a fuller figure. Watch out for the cocoon magic dress

  • Siluet - Siluet is your go-to brand for the best quality with over 80 % of their garments made within the factory- from latex and glue to fabrics hooks ad rods- you can rest assure it is not just a name. The garments from this powerhouse have been extensively tested and tried for optimum shaping performance at no pain at all and hassle free for all body types provided you get you size.

  • Va Bien - Reviews of products of this brand on Amazon reveal one thing, the products are generally comfortable. However, most of the users seem not to like the products that come with built in bras. There are general complains about the cups; from being not well lined to being the wrong fit. I would recommend that you try their products that do not have cups.

  • Julie France - Wearers across the board have to agree that these garments are tailored perfectly seamlessly. The garments are also lightweight and designed to fit in with your bra to prevent them from rolling off which is great if you ask me. It will be comforting to note that they launched the Leger line after much success of their then products. The only downsides to this brand is that it's not found in your typical departmental store and it has products for women only. Rush to nearest high end store to get your Julie France body shapers. It might be worth your every penny.

  • Flakisima - If you get the right fit, I cam reassure you without a doubt that you will love the Flakisima body shapers experience. However, if you are not so lucky to get the correct size and you cannot return the nought product for a replacement, then you are in trouble. Customers who got their fit had nothing but praise for this brand. The only downside that they pointed out is that the hooks on some of the shapers can show under tight shirts and dresses.

  • Trushapers - The greatest plus about this brand of products will have to be their ability to absorb sweat. Can you imagine having a one hour work out and being dry afterwards because your shaper absorbed all the sweat? But first things first. Even before we get to the sweat absorption, isn't it great that you are able to work out in your body shaper? The makers of this product really did a good job on the microfilm that absorbs sweat. The only downside to this brand is that they do not seem to have a good online presence. This is a bit worrisome since the best brands are always known to have a very good online presence.