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Rago Shapewear

Rago Shapewear

Rago Shapewear – Quality fit for all

We offer the largest selection of Rago Shapewear. Rago is one of the highest rated and awarded shape wear available today. They have over fifty years of experience in specializing in shape wear. They pride themselves on providing the very best in fabric construction to create exceptional and comfortable shapers for women. Rago shapewear has a high reputation for its unique designs and excellent workmanship. They are the best quality products you can get for the price, as they make quality shape wear that will not only fit everybody, but will fit everybody’s wallet as well.

Rago Shapewear always strives to provide the highest quality garments. They guarantee their shape wear by conducting fit tests, wash tests, tolerance tests, and random wear tests. They put their products through the ringer because they know you will as well. Their original designs feature the best materials, excellent workmanship, and traditionally fine fit. The fabric is constructed of higher denier Lycra, which has the most powerful and residual strength of any other material out there.

Rago Shapewear offers a variety of silhouettes. They stick to the traditional fit, function and attention to detail. They offer different levels of shaping and include soft control, light, moderate, form and extra firm shaping. They have a product that will work for whatever your goal is and what you think you need. We offer all of these varieties to ensure you will find the right one for you. Their products include:

  • All-in-one body briefers
  • Bras and corset
  • Camisoles
  • Garter belts
  • Long leg shapers and high
    waist long leg shapers
  • High waist panties and Leg shaper pant liners
  • Open bottom girdles
  • Panty briefs
  • Perky lift
  • Thongs
  • Waist cinchers
  • And accessories

There is no doubt that you will find exactly what you are looking for. They come in different lengths, sizes, colors and motifs. You will be able to find them in your favorite colors as well.

Are you searching for true shapewear, and not just regular underclothes? Rago offers girdles, waist cinchers and open bottom girdles.

More information about Rago Shapewear:

Girdles - Rago girdles take an old concept, and make them modern and comfortable. They offer high waist long leg panty girdles, waist panty girdles, long leg panty girdles, and panty girdles. The panty girdles give you the sense of sexiness and protection from just a simple slip on. They offer varying amounts of control, and also various heights. You can choose from a higher waist or lower to give you the right amount of support that you need. There are available in beautiful lace, seamless, or even padded to give your booty a lift. Smooth and elegant, you will love these shapers for everyday wear.

Waist cinchers - The Rago waist cinchers offer an excellent amount of support and a slimming look. They are separate from the panties, and can come up as high as under your bra. They tend to offer a hook and loop front closure. They are sexy and slimming, which is the best combination. There are some that come with the ability to use as a garter to hold up your sexy stockings. With lace and fun patterns, you will use these for everyday or for a special occasion.

Open bottom girdles - These are different from the panty girdles. They are separate from panty, and are similar to the waist cincher in that they can come up to as high as below your bra. These are also available in full body with bra support and straps. They differ from the waist cinchers in that they do not have the hook and loop closure, but the front is just a slimming panel. They use zippers or are just pulled on. They come in various colors and styles, and offer smoothness, are firm and offer extra firm control. These are great to get the desired look that you want, while providing comfort and ease. Some also come with a garter clip as well.

Rago wants to achieve shapewear for all body types. They offer sizes from three times extra small to fifteen times extra large, any woman will be able to find the right undergarment for them in the Rago Shapewear collection. Any bra size is also available. Many consumers love Rago Shapewear. They say that their body shaper is comfortable and of quality and can be worn all day, every day. Not to mention that they actually work! The girdles offer quality shaping that slim your waist line and bring in your tummy. They are also made so smooth that they do not show underneath your clothing. Many women of different shapes and sizes have said how much they love the Rago shapers, and that they work for everyone. Check the sizing chart to find out which shape wear size will fit you. The size can make the difference. If you get shape wear that fits perfectly, you will feel amazing in it.

Shapewear is about much more than looking good in your clothing, it is about feeling good too. The right shape wear can lift you up and make you feel more confident. Rago Girdles will not cause bulges or leave you feeling uncomfortable. With so many years of experience, you will find that Rago Girdles give you the look and comfort you are looking for. You want to forget you are wearing your shapewear and just feel wonderful. That is what Rago shapewear can do for you. With so many different varieties available, there is no reason to look to any other brand for your shape wear. You can pick something up for every situation and every style. Looking for something romantic? Need something to go under that new cocktail dress? Need something for your everyday suits? Rago has a solution for all of these situations. At Lauren Silva, we have many styles of Rago in stock, in colors, patterns, textures and sizes that you want. Browse through our catalog to find what is right for you.

We will happily ship your Rago Shapewear order to the UK, Canada, Australia as well as most other countries in the world.