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Squeem Shapewear

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Squeem Shapewear

Get into the right shape with Squeem Shapewear

If you are still on the hunt for the right underclothes shapewear, we have it available here. We have the full selection of Squeem body shapers. This unique shapewear aims to enhance all body types. It does not matter what your shape is, if you wear their body shapers under your clothes and you will feel like a million bucks. This shapewear will make you feel smooth and sexy. We carry Squeem products for both men and women. Everyone wants to look their best all of the time, and their shapewear can help you achieve that look. Feel your best self with Squeem.

They have been around since the 1970's in Brazil, and has evolved to be one of the leading and most innovative shapewear companies. They have pushed the envelope and desire to be different than any other shapewear on the market. Did you ever think that shapewear could actually be comfortable while giving you the look that you want? Squeem has accomplished this with a sense of weight loss in a comfortable garment. Their waist cinchers are made from one hundred percent cotton on the inside to feel amazing against your skin, and with a one hundred percent latex covering.

Squeem is more than just about shaping your body. It will also provide you with better posture. The latex covering will actually increase perspiration, removing toxins quickly from your system. The way the Squeem products are made will help improve your posture, and possibly reduce back pain. They have made their products more than just getting the shape you want, they desire to help your life improve in more ways than one. The shapewear will actually reshape your body. The design comes from the idea of an orthopedic cincher that provides back support in addition to improving aesthetics.

What types of shapewear are available?

Squeem has been revolutionizing the idea of shapewear. Lauren Silva proudly carries Squeem products, because we know that these products are the best available for our customers. Reasonably priced, there are a variety of Squeem products available for both men and women to achieve the slimming look.

Here is the full selection of their products:

  • The perfect waist cincher - This waist cincher will make you look perfect and sexy in your clothes. It is firm, and will not move around and be uncomfortable during the day. It will also support your back and help you achieve better posture. This cincher gives you firm compression with the layers of rubber and cotton. The cotton lining helps absorb any excess perspiration, keeping you dry. Once you put on the perfect waist cincher, you will immediately reduce your waist line, and firm and flatten your tummy. You can consult with your doctor to determine if this shapewear will be useful in helping postpartum recovery or relieve your back pain. It has flexible boning, and uses a double hook and eye front closure. It comes in sizes extra small to five times extra large. Squeem ensures that anyone can use their shapewear for the better.

  • The Miracle Vest waist cincher - In a different style from the perfect waist, the miracle vest will flatten your tummy and slim down your waist line. But it does more than that. It will lift your breasts, giving your bra support, and shape your butt. Regular use of this shapewear will also correct your posture and help you lose weight. This is one of the best sellers as it is a firm compression Squeem waist clincher. This body shaper will quicken your weight loss with its high compression, perspiration and micro massage features. It has adjustable straps, flexible boning and double hook and wye front closures. This vest waist cincher will give you the benefits of better posture, weight loss, and instantly slimmed waist line.

  • Kepawel men's waist cincher - Body shapers is not just for women. We offer the Kepawel so that men too can experience the benefits of this amazing shapewear. This waist cincher uses their signature compression and internal flexible boning that will hold his back and stomach tight. This provides all of the support and control he may need to look his best. Used only for the mid area, this shapewear has the hook and loop clasps from the front. Now men can gain all the benefits of this shapewear as well.

When looking through our collection of body shapers, you will most certainly find what you are looking for. There are a lot of brands and styles of shapewear available out there, but they offer much more than other brands. Consider the benefits you are looking to get out of your shapewear. Why not choose one that offers more than just temporary shaping when you can have one that helps your posture, reduce your back pain, and reshape your body over time?

How do they do it?

All of their body shapers are made with their Intelligent Fabric technology.; This technology is made by combining natural one hundred percent cotton and natural one hundred percent rubber. The unique way their designers have mastered the combination offers an amazing curve creating fabric that is also lightweight. The Intelligent Fabric is designed to mold your curves into perfection using a triple filtered cotton lining for extreme comfort. The natural rubber is on the exterior, which allows it to adapt to every size and shape – perfect for anybody. Designed with spot control and compression, these products give you the sense of slimming and back posture improvement. The Intelligent Fabric technology includes:

  • Superior shaping results
  • Forming and flattening of the stomach
  • Corrected posture
  • Abdominal and back pain alleviation, when discussed with your doctor
  • Improved metabolism
  • Weight loss assistance, when discussed with your doctor

There is no reason to look anywhere else for the highest quality body shapers. We offer the style of body shaper you are looking for. View our items available and find the right one for you.