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Hosiery Sizing Guide - How to Find Your Hosiery Size

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How to Find Your Hosiery Size

Hosiery, from stockings to pantyhose and even racy bodystockings, can make your legs and body look shapelier. Under your office clothes, hosiery helps you look more put together and polished. Bodystockings, can camouflage your trouble spots and make you look flawless.

However, getting your hosiery in the wrong size spells trouble. Get them too small and your legs will look like overstuffed sausages. Get them too big and they’ll slip off and roll down and make you look sloppy.

Hosiery size largely depends on the style. Some items may use your foot size, hip measurements, height, weight, dress size, or a combination of these numbers in determining the right fit.

Have these sizes and measurements on hand when buying hosiery:

  • Foot size.
    If the stockings you want uses foot size as gauge, your shoe size usually equates.
  • Weight.
    Stand on a weighing scale without jewelry or heavy clothing on to get an accurate reading. Have someone to record the result.
  • Height.
    Stand straight with your back against the wall. Ask your companion to place a ruler on top of your head and mark the spot where your head meets the wall. Using a ruler, measure the distance between the floor and the mark in inches.

Hosiery Brand Sizing Chart

Stocking fit and sizing may vary across brands. For accuracy, please refer to the manufacturer-provided sizing charts of your chosen products.

Fit Notes:

  1. If your measurements represent two different sizes, we recommend the larger size for a more comfortable fit.
  2. Our sizing charts are meant to guide you in determining your size. However, they cannot always guarantee the perfect fit. We strongly recommend that you take your measurements before you purchase any product, and to refer to the sizing chart of the brand of your choice.


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