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How to Wear a Bra

While there are many women who are wearing the wrong bra size, some are uncomfortable simply because they put on their bras wrong. If you are unsure how to put on a bra right, here are some tips:

  1. Slip your arms through your bra with the straps at full length. Lean forward slightly to let your breasts fall naturally into the cups. Hook the bra close behind at the loosest adjustment. (An alternative is to hook the bra close from the front and twist it to its proper place if you cannot reach it at the back.)
  2. Adjust the fit by gathering your breasts into the cups from the sides to the front. Underwires and the center gore should hold them in place. The underwire should fit the crease under your breasts without pinching.
  3. Drop the straps off each shoulder and adjust to fit. Adjust the straps to a comfortable fit; the band does most of the support so you do not want the straps to put too much pressure on the shoulders.


Fit Notes:

You only need to adjust the straps the first time you wear the bra.


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