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Find Your Maternity and Nursing Bra Size

Maternity bras and nursing bras are your new best friends as you go through your pregnancy and the time immediately after it. Your body will undergo many changes - your breasts and bra needs included. For first time moms, investing in maternity and nursing bras will make being pregnant easier and more comfortable.

Fit Notes:

  1. Wear the best-fitting, non-padded, underwire bra you own when taking measurements.
  2. Have another person take your measurements for you for better accuracy.

How to measure your band size

How to measure band size

Wrap a tape measure directly under your bust, keeping it parallel to the ground. Hold the tape measure snugly but not binding around your torso. Take note of the measurement in inches.

  • If the measurement is an even number, add 4 inches.
  • If the measurement is an odd number, add 5 inches.

The result is your band size.

How to measure your cup size

How to measure cup size

Hold tape measure around the fullest point of your breasts. Wrap the tape measure snugly without indenting breast tissue. Take note of the measurement in inches then subtract it from your band size.

  • For example, if your band size is 36 and the measurement is 33, subtract the latter from the former (36 - 33 = 3).

The result determines your cup size. Every inch of difference corresponds to an increase in cup size from A onwards. A difference of less than an inch constitutes an AA cup.

  • From the previous example, the difference between your band size and the second measurement is 3 inches. This means that your cup size is C.
  • For nursing bras: Add a cup size to your final measurement. For example, if you are a 40C, order a 40D nursing bra. Most women find that their breasts grow fuller by a cup size after giving birth when the milk comes. Order nursing bras a cup size larger than your measurement if you plan to get your bras before your due date. This is a more convenient option because you’ll be ready to nurse when your baby arrives.

Check the chart below for your cup size and its corresponding size in the brands you would like to purchase.

Difference Between Band Size and Cup Size 0-½" ½ - 1" 2" 3" 4" 5" 6" 7" 8" 9" 10" 11" 12"
1.3 cm 2.6 cm 5.1 cm 7.6 cm 10.2 cm 12.7 cm 15.2 cm 17.8 cm 20.3 cm 22.9 cm 25.4 cm 27.94 cm 30.48 cm
US Cup Size AA A B C D DD or E DDD or F G H I J K L
UK Cup Size   A B C D DD E F FF G GG H HH
Australian Cup Size   A B C D DD E F G GG H HH J
Anita AA A B C D E F G H        
Bravado         D DD/E DDD/F G H        
Elila   A B C D DD/E F G H I J K L
Elomi       C D DD E F FF G GG H  
Fancee Free   A B C D E F G H I      
Goddess       C D DD DDD G H I J K L
Le Mystere   A B C D DD/E F G          
Leading Lady   A B C D DD DDD/F G          
Playtex   A B C D DD DDD            
QT Intimates   A B C D DD DDD            

Once you determine your cup size, combine it with your band size to get your bra size. In the previous example, the results of both band and cup measurements yielded 36 and C respectively. Given these, your bra size is 36C.

When to Buy Maternity Bras?

  • For maternity bras: Take your measurements on your 4th month or when your breasts start to swell, whichever comes first.
  • For nursing bras: Take your measurements during your 8th month as your breasts are more likely to have reached their fullest size at this point.


Fit Notes:

  1. If your measurements represent two different sizes, we recommend the larger size for a more comfortable fit.
  2. Our sizing charts are meant to guide you in determining your size. However, they cannot always guarantee the perfect fit. We strongly recommend that you take your measurements before you purchase any product, and to refer to the sizing chart of the brand of your choice.


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