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Sexy Lingerie Glossary

  • Babydolls
    A woman’s short nightgown usually with a hemline just below your rear or mid-thigh. Popular styles are often made with spaghetti straps, lace, or sheer fabric like chiffon. Ruffles, bows, and ribbons are usual decor.
  • Bra Sets
    This refers to matching bra and panties sold as a set designed for sexy wear. Often made of lace or printed and boldly colored fabric. Bra sets may also include garters, garter belts and tiny skirts.
  • Bustiers
    A corset-like garment that covers your torso from your bust to your hips. Bustiers have flexible boning, optional shoulder straps and a lace up back closure. Most bustiers come with detachable garters and are decorated with lace.
  • Camisoles
    A sleeveless, body-skimming undergarment for the upper body, typically held up by shoulder straps and having decorative trimming. Triangle cups cover the breasts and provide minimal support.
  • Chemise
    Traditionally used as an undergarment to preserve modesty under thin dresses, modern-day chemises are now used as night or sleepwear. Chemises are short nightgowns usually reaching mid-thigh or above the knees. They are usually sleeveless and have minimal trims. Most chemises are cut in the A-line silhouette.
  • Corsets
    A tight-fitting garment extending from below the bust to your hips. Corsets are always boned and are usually hooked and laced closed at the back. The corset primarily pushes breast tissue up and forward to create the illusion of a bigger bust and a deeper cleavage. Corsets are ideal in creating an hourglass shape. Some corset styles also come with garters.
  • Costumes
    Costumes, or in this instance, sexy costumes are designed to change your look either for role-playing or sexy wear during occasions such as Halloween. Most sexy costumes mimic professionals, characters, animals, or fantasy icons. They also come with accessories to complete the look.
  • Garter Belts
    These are belts worn around the hips or waist four clips or garters to keep stockings in place. Garter belts have elastic or stretch waistbands to keep them in place. Sexy garter belts are often trimmed or made with lace, ruffles, and bows.
  • Garters
    These refer to the straps attach to a garter belt. Their construction is similar to a detachable bra strap except for the clips on each end. Bridal garters, on the other hand, are lace-covered elastics meant to be worn around the thighs.
  • Nightgowns
    These are chemise-like sleep wear for women. Unlike chemises though, nightgowns are often designed longer and may extend past the knees. Some nightgown designs also allow for sleeves.
  • Teddies
    A one-piece garment resembling a combined camisole and panty, similar but sheerer than a maillot. Most teddies are made of lace or sheer fabric. Teddies also display cut outs along the sides or back.

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