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Bristols 6 | Nippies

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Bristols Six

Nippies Nipple Covers

A bra is a very useful item when it comes to giving that lift and in terms of giving that coverage so you are not too loose. However, more and more ladies are starting to find break loose and have found their freedom from the constriction of the bra and have instead opted for Nippies nipple covers as their liberator.  It is no secret that a bra can be quite distracting and uncomfortable. I mean, when you finally get home after a long day at the office and you want to relax, the first thing you always want do is lose that bra.

When do I need Nippies nipple covers?

Wearing certain dare devil cut or backless dresses and certain other tricky tops are not possible with a bra. This is when the Nippies nipple covers comes to your rescue so you are looking the sexiest without having to draw unnecessary attention to your nipples, which can be a different kettle of fish. Now you need to use a girls magic to make the impossible possible, with a safe adhesive to hold the fort in place.

Nippies nipple covers will hide the shape of your nipples and smoothen the contour line under a filmy dress, top or blouse saving you that embarrassing moment when everyone can see your erect nipples through the clothing.

Nippies come in handy in situations where you can’t wear a bra but some can also be used with bras. When worn with a bra, the intention is usually similar to when going bra less. This intention is to mask the nipples from poking through a clingy bra on the beach or through your tight dress on the dance floor.

Nipple covers come to liberate all women. They give you the freedom to look good and feel comfortable while making a fashion statement. You no longer have to ruin that perfect look in “the dress” by having bulky bras showing. Also, they cover the nipple and areola.

Divas like to go braless when they are going out raving. Unlike the bra, Nippies nipple covers do not cause discomfort with all the heat and friction and sweating on the dance floor. When you stick them on, they stay on throughout the entire night.

Some Nippies are reusable such that you can just clean them after use and store them for another wearing. Other nipple cover types are disposable and are to be worn only once and that’s it.

Whichever the setting, majority think that going braless is not only freedom but also sexy in a way. There is no shame in that, in fact if you are planning to look ever more erotic for your partner you can buy these as they make very sexy lingerie.

Why buy Nippies Bristols 6 nipple covers

Bristols six is the leading brand world famous for its nipple cover. It is the number one choice for female celebrities in the US and beyond. They are known for high quality, ultra-thin silicone with that will go unnoticed in the best way possible. They also look glamorous and incredibly sexy when it is time to show them. No matter what your goal is, Nippies nipple covers are a must have and will soon be the staple of every cool diva’s arsenal.

If you are all red white and blue, it might intrigue to know that the Nippies nipple covers from Bristols six are one hundred percent American. These are designed and made in the USA by women with a real sense of fashion and style. Majority of what you find elsewhere are just cheap knock offs that are by no way worth your effort.

All products from Bristols 6 are carefully designed and produced with the safest materials so that your skin will not react to any of them. Also, extensive testing has been carried out to show that even in the heat of summer, the Nippies will stay on and never bulge.

More importantly, the products have been made to feel comfortable as though they are actually not literally sticking on your body. You easily forget you have them on and unlike a bra, you do not have to keep shifting them.

In addition, you can choose from a wide array of nice looking types and sizes so you get well-fitting nipple covers that look good on you which usually means that they are invisible through your dress or top.

How to choose great pasties at affordable prices


The whole idea behind escaping the bra is to feel the freedom of escaping its irritation. Pasties should be more comfortable to be in and rarely should you be reminded that you are wearing them. Whether you are going for a swim or on the dance floor, you should be able to enjoy your time without them getting in the way. The most respected pasties brand Bristols 6 guarantees you comfort when using their products as extensive product studies have been carried out to perfect how the product interacts with the end user. On the other hand, if you buy cheap knock offs, you will most likely be disappointed in the end as they keep falling off and embarrassing you when you least expected.


This is a tricky issue with cheap pasties. At first, you are looking for a product that will stick and stay there. Some of these may stick for the entire night as you get drenched in sweat on the dance floor. Mind you, there will come a time when you are going to need them to come off. That’s when it becomes painful since some of the cheap ones are nearly permanent. Removing them can be very painful and injure the skin leaving your bruised. Other may come off easily but do not stay on. Before you are arrested for indecency, you better invest in quality stay on easy removal reusable pasties from Bristols six.


You always have the option of buying cheaper disposable pasties for on time use or re-usable ones that you can clean after use and store in your lingerie drawer for later use without the adhesive wearing out.


Even if a pasty is labeled as reusable, it does not mean that it can be used as many times as a quality one from Bristols Six. Some copycat designers hurriedly steal ideas and duplicate fake products to look like an exact replica of the real thing for way much less. But the joke is on you the buyer because it is worth way much less than what you buy it for anyway and it will not last a single wearing.


When used as an undergarment, especially if you are wearing a clingy dress with a flimsy fabric, pasties should not only hide the nipples but also stay hidden themselves. As such, they should be precisely ultrathin and seamless so that they blend naturally with your breast contour thus becoming invisible to the person standing in front of you.

Cost effectiveness

When buying nipple covers, it is imperative to consider which products give you the most value for your money in terms of comfort, the reusability, gentleness on your skin, ease of application and removal as well as safety of the product. Cheap has a way of always turning out to be the expensive choice in the long run.

Types of Nippies nipple covers from Bristols 6

Nippies skin

These are all American silicone nipple cover pasties from Bristols six. These come in different skin tones with lighter and darker shades and sizes to match your cup size and complexion. 

Being an overwhelmingly successful brand, this product has many copy cats out there in the pasties market but none of them can match the quality and glamor of the masterpiece itself. It doesn’t matter if you think that you are saving. It’s not the same product quality not to mention your safety.

The ultra-thin Invisifeel fabric and finish technology used to produce these pieces is simply lip dropping. It incorporates a seamless design that blends into your skin and tone nice and easy covering your nipples to give you a smooth contour with no bumps and seams.

Like all other pasties from Bristols six, this product is tested widely and has been found to remain in place even if you are taking a dive in the pool. It simply offers you the freedom you have always wanted while discreetly blending in so it does not stick out. If you are looking for a more practical item than the celebrity “notice me” kind of stuff, then this is definitely it!

You can choose from many options but only two sizes as most women only fall under either category. There is the smaller size one for all cup sizes from A through to D and size two for DD and above which happens to make a great choice for nursing mothers too.

The product is also available in the non-adhesive option which may not be re-usable. The reusable version means you can get over thirty wearings off of it before you can dispose of it.

This product is not without its share of popularity with top US celebs like Miley Cyrus and Rihanna always putting the product in the lime light. In fact, all Hollywood celebrities love and rely on the Nippies Skin to look good on the red carpet.

Nippies gold

These are custom reusable pasties including , betsy, jett, gypsy rose  and soho. As if all these great tastes are not sufficient, they had to make them reusable so you the can find make use of them time and again for strip teases time and again. This is one erotic choice of lingerie that will leave your audience simply dazzled. These are normally burlesque inspired and re thus ideal for such performances. We are talking fun, sexy and incredible sexy all blended together.

Tips on how to use the adhesive

  • Do not apply adhesive on your skin if it is sun-burned or injured to prevent the chemical from leaking into your body and worsening your bruises.
  • Even if the adhesive is tested and found to cause no reactions among a majority of the other women, you may still react to it. If unsure, it is better to do a patch test before wearing the pasties to ensure that  you are not allergic to them.
  • Never use a moisturizer on your skin before applying the pasties as this makes it difficult, almost impossible, for them to stick and stay on. It is recommended that you apply these on cleaned and dry skin. You can use an organic solvent like alcohol to get that are of your skin clean.
  • If you should ever find yourself feeling pain when removing pasties, you should desist from forcing them off. Instead, use warm water on them to loosen the adhesive and make them come off more easily.
  • After removal, you might have some remnants of the adhesive. Do not panic. You can use organic solvents to remove these as well. Alcohol or nail polish should do the trick.

Press releases and celebrities

The Bristols 6 brand has received unlimited media attention over the fourteen years of its existence. After all, it is the number one nipple covers brand for celebrities in the US.

Nippies skin, for instance, has featured in The Summer Box of Style in The Zoe Report for a number of times in a row. It has also appeared in many other major women’s fashion magazines like the Pregnancy And Newborn, Sports Illustrated Swim, Refinery 29, Instyle, Rolling Stone, Glamour And Lunar To Mention Just But A Few.

Celebrities like Miley, Nicki, Lil Kim, Rihanna and Lady Gaga among many others have time and again been going braless on numerous public appearances. This has helped to alleviate the common misconception that it is shameful to go topless. Divas from all around the country have been united by the liberation movement of the go topless day and love how they look in Nippies nipple covers because it is still illegal to show your nipples y’all.