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NiPPits: Nipple Covers that Celebrities Trust Sometimes, wearing a bra is not enough to keep nipples from jutting out. Other times, wearing a bra is not even an option like when you're in a swimsuit or revealing top. If your nipples are extra sensitive to changes in temperature or textures that even a slight chill or a brush of lace is enough to make them stand out, you need NiPPits. NiPPits is a well-known brand of nipple covers or concealment strips that are big on the Hollywood scene. Several film outfits and TV shows regularly use them to outfit their actresses. But you don't have to have a Hollywood-sized paycheck to get the benefits of NiPPits nipple covers. NiPPits strips are affordable and come in packs of five. Here are more reasons to get NiPPits strips: NiPPits strips cover you where it counts. NiPPits nipple covers are great for when you can’t wear a bra under your tops. These nipple covers will cover your nipples, giving you a pointer-free silhouette. NiPPits keep your nipples out of the cold. If you have sensitive nipples that rise when it’s cold or chilly, NiPPits nipple covers can help you look cozy by preventing any uprising. Regardless of the weather, you’ll stay smooth and free of high beams.

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