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Ardyss Body Magic Body Shaper Style 22

Ardyss Body Magic Body Shaper Style 22

SKU: ardy-22
This body shaper is designed to truly reshape your lower body. It allows you to redistribute some of your irregularities to a more desirable area. This redistribution becomes more permanent over time. And it reduces your waist up to 3 sizes.


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  • Front: Made of a sturdy, lightweight fabric with a layer of lace
  • Has an extra band across the lower front which holds your tummy in position, extending to a front panel that controls your abs
  • Adjustability: 3 rows of hooks allow for easy adjustment
  • Straps: Shoulder straps have 3 rows of hooks that pull your shoulders back, and corrects your posture
  • Back Support: Sturdy stretch fabric is double in the back are with a lightweight, soft boning for optimum upper and lower back support
  • Lower Body Support: Side panels thins your hips and curves around your buttocks for an extra lift and control
  • Opening: Hook opening on the leg area
  • No Bra included
  • Reviews

    Customer Reviews (61)

    self confidentReview by luciano
    Product Rating
    After i had my first baby i lost my superb shape since then i lost confident in my self especially when i have some where important to go to.
    my cousin introduced me to it though it wasnt easy wearing it but later got used to it now i cant do without it.
    Because of how confident i feel when i wear i forget the discomfort that comes with it. (Posted on 1/28/11)
    The body magic is comfortable after you get use to it.Review by Sha over forty
    Product Rating
    I love the body magic. It makes me look sexy. The only problem I have is hooking it up after I used the rest room. I wish they could replace the hooks with a zipper. However I recommend it to all women who has a high stomach and want to look sexy. (Posted on 1/27/11)
    Toilet blues Zambia, AfricaReview by Sharon
    Product Rating
    Today is my second day using the body magic. Its a great product love the way my boobs are pushed into the right position, love my butt, i look great in my clothes but i just went to the toilet I cant fasten the bottom. (Posted on 1/24/11)
    lov it!Review by mayiba
    Product Rating
    i lov it, it flatten my tummy great back support n i lov the way it makes my behind look. ;) i recently bought a strapless one, as well i lov it makes my figure look great. foreal i would never leave this one for anythin else. of couse the only problem is when u have to go do ur bussines but i take it all down i think thats easier. but i lov it great product!!!!! (Posted on 1/22/11)
    Simply Amazing!Review by Sambo
    Product Rating
    I purchased a Black Ardys body shaper after hearing all the hoop-la about losing inches. To my surprise, it actually works. As everyone else has said about the "washroom" thing, I actually cut a hole in the seat area where I don't have to unstrap anything. This shaper is so well made, I am not worried about damaging. You should handwash this garment in any event. Ardys, sewing a hole in the crotch area would really make this wonderful garment even better. (Posted on 1/21/11)
    Not 2 sureReview by Lil Seed
    Product Rating
    OMG please some1 pray 4 me. I have seen this garment turn some of the ugliest bodied females n2 DAMN!!!! So i brought 1 yup I did & man this thing was murder 2 get on. I couldn't believe I was laying down just 2 get it hooked up & had help. My 1st thought was WTH who does this? Then my 2nd thought was imma have 2 invite company over just 2 help me get this thing hooked up once again who does this? But now after having it on BAM, BOOM yup I c u looking. Now I feel SUPER SEXY 4 sure.

    If some of my new found haters would purchase 1 of these then they 2 can have the SUPER SEXY look, walk & confidence that I have found n this garment.

    So thanks 2 the person who came up wit this idea I LOVE U!!!! Now i need u 2 show US some love back by fixing the issue wit having 2 go to the BATHROOM this is not a good look when u need a head start b4 using the bathroom...SMH so please, please WE all need this it would make OUR lives so much easier. (Posted on 1/11/11)
    PERFECTReview by TF
    Product Rating
    I have just put on my body magic for 3 days, guess what? it is perfect! thanks Ardyss (Posted on 1/9/11)
    PERFECTReview by TF
    Product Rating
    I have only put on my body magic precisely for 3 days now, without mixing words, it is really working on me. thanks to Ardyss. (Posted on 1/9/11)
    The best customer service everReview by Heidi
    Product Rating
    First I have to say that I haven't received the Body Magic yet but already I want to applaude the customer service that I have experienced.
    I live in France and although I'm actually a slim woman (size6/8) I'm "blessed" with big girls that cause me major stress in the back. Medical reports where saying that wearing a corset is actually a very good thing as long as it's well fitted. So after searching high and low in France and in the UK I found this and it convinced me for ordering.
    As I'm travelling to the US in 2 weeks from now I gave a US delivery address. Unfortunately this wouldn't work with using my European Visa for payment.

    I was informed immediately by e mail and options where given.
    I wrote to customer services with some questions from my side several times, and they responded promptly and very friendly.

    They gave me a fast international delivery option and I called them back to give my CC details again. Again the lady on the phone was just so helpful and friendly that it's just been a pleasure.

    I received my tracking number 10 minutes after the call and this morning my parcel has left the US already.

    I can't wait to receive the Body Magic and will definitely give another review on the product itself once I've tried it.

    Thanks again!!!
    (Posted on 1/7/11)
    wonderful investmentReview by Dimples
    Product Rating
    Wonderful investment for any ladies wardrobe. This is a must especially if you want to control the jiggles and cellulites. (Posted on 1/2/11)
    I Would Purchase AgainReview by Sapphire924
    Product Rating
    I commend the person that invented this. Great product with a few excepts like others the ladies room task and the digging into the shoulders. But I realized if you unsnap from the top and not the bottom it's easier unless but make sure outer clothing is easy on & off. Even in a suit, button down blouse, dress etc I am able to unsnap take care of business all within 5-6mins. (Posted on 12/25/10)
    LOVE IT BUTReview by Dru
    Product Rating
    I love this garment, but the snaps on the hooks have always come off. And there should be something done when you have to go to the bathroom, it is to difficult to get out off and back fastened. I have purchased two of these garments, because I have torn up the snaps on both of them. There is room for improvement to the garment. (Posted on 12/23/10)
    will want to tryReview by baby
    Product Rating
    for how long will this product work or be efficient and who are the special prices for cos i want one at a special price.
    (Posted on 12/21/10)
    is okReview by baby
    Product Rating
    my problem is that i can't wear it on my evening strapless hand it reveals the hand;;;if you produce the one you can use wear on strapless hand that will a gud ideal and again can't use the rest room convniently...outside that body magic makes me look sexier. (Posted on 12/20/10)
    it is good but do something about the bottom part in respect of going to toiletReview by mamafalo
    Product Rating
    when i first bought it it was nice it is still ok but will advice u put a zipper at the bottom for easy using of the toilet it discourages me when i think of the trouble and time to to loose the hooks it seems 90% are complaining about this error pls do something about it (Posted on 12/17/10)
    it makes me look great.my tummy is flattened and it gives me curves.Review by CORDLINS
    Product Rating
    The body shaper makes me look great.it flattens my tummy and gives me curves.The only problem i have is its difficulty when putting it on and its not so easy while using the toilet.for how long will i use it before my stomach becomes flat?will the body magic burn the fat in my stomach?p.s i need an answer.thanks. (Posted on 12/16/10)
    5Review by nancy
    Product Rating
    well haven't tried the body magic shaper yet but i have asked a friend to get me one and believe you me i can't just wait to wear it. i had my baby about a year ago and i dislike the way my friend talk about my tummy so much that i find it very difficult to put on some clothes , hmmmmmmmm i can't just wait for my own. (Posted on 12/8/10)
    toiletReview by henriecc
    Product Rating
    how can i use the ladies if am all strapped up.please its a great product but that aspect needs to be addressed (Posted on 11/24/10)
    I love it.Review by zingyzingy
    Product Rating
    I bought a body magic weeks ago.Size 36 to start with.I'm normally a size 16 to 18.I have since bought another one a size 34 this time.It really makes me look great. I feel i have lost some weight but i have to mention that I have been doing some exercise as well.I really would not leave my house without it. at work everybody is always commenting on how much eight I have lost.Yes I have gone through the initial hard time with each of mine,digging shoulder ( i have marks),tightness around the thighs which made my legs feel like tree trucks.This was for a couple of days and since,no problems.I'm thinking about getting a smaller size already.Thank you ardyss. (Posted on 11/24/10)
    unabel to use the bathroom Review by tew
    Product Rating
    I love my body shaper,but it's hard to get in also it roll up my lege. The straps cut in to my shoulder. (Posted on 11/22/10)

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